57 Ways to Make Money Online: Simple & Low Cost
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57 Ways to Make Money Online: Simple & Low Cost

57 Ways to Make Money Online: Simple & Low Cost

What is your dream lifestyle?  What do you really want to do with your life?  How would it feel to be able to quit the 9-5 grind and pursue what you love every day?

It's not only possible to make money online today, it's also never been easier.

There are many ways to can make money online, some of which require very little time or upfront cost. In this blog post, I will share how you can make a living on the internet and take steps towards being financially free anywhere on the globe.

If you're tired of working for somebody else and just want more freedom in your life, check out the 57 ways that will help get you started!

How Do You Make Money Online?

Search Google and you'll find that most ideas out there on how to make money online is now obsolete.   Platforms like TaskRabbit and Thinkific have made it easier than ever to use your own experitse, build an audience online, and earn money while you sleep.

Your main job can be monetizing the internet itself!

Here's our list of 57 ideas on how to make money online:

  1. Use TaskRabbit to monetize your skills.  TaskRabbit allows you to pick and choose from paid outsourced tasks.  From standing in line for others at popular restuarants to assembling Ikea furniture, you'll get to pick and choose how you'll get paid.
  2. Dropshipping.  By selling retail goods to others without keeping inventory yourself, you'll be making decent margins in your online store will keeping your upfront costs minimal.  
  3. Become a copywriter.  Have a talent for writing copy that converts to sales?  Use platforms like Upwork to find paying customers.
  4. Create an online course via Thinkific.  Learning is now down on online courses in a way that was nearly unimaginable just a few years ago.  Take your expertise and market your own online course that allows you to make high ticket sales out of your passion.
  5. Monetize YouTube videos by branding them with ads.
  6. Sell or rent your old clothes.
  7. Create and sell NFTs.  This high growth and highly competitive space will rewards creators who create one of a kind graphics and build a community around the pieces.  Check out NFT exchanges like OpenSea for inspiration and check out what's currently selling.
  8. Write and market a paid newsletter using Ghost.
  9. Tutor others in resume writing.
  10. Stream your video game play on Twitch.
  11. Participate in focus groups.
  12. Try your hand at social media influencing.
  13. Conduct online research via TaskRabbit.
  14. Design and sell graphics online.
  15. Write an e-book, self-publish it & sell downloads.
  16. Flip website domains.  Use Google domains to your advantage.  Research high growth areas and snap up domains using popular domain extensions like .com and .io to sell to others who will gladly pay a premium.
  17. Freelance as a proofreader.
  18. Rent out your car into passive income.  Use platforms like Turo to rent out your car and turn it into a passive income machine.
  19. Rent out your driveway or parking spot via SpotHero.
  20. Online travel agency.
  21. Monetize YouTube videos by branding them with ads.
  22. Online customer service rep.  This is a great option for remote work while you tackle a project that you're truly passionate about.
  23. Be an online translator with Gengo.
  24. Become a Google Adsense partner.  Monetize existing traffic to your website with Adsense.  
  25. Start your own catering/meal prep business.
  26. Join Clickworker and complete paid micro tasks.
  27. Teach music lessons online.
  28. Flip thrift items on eBay.
  29. Write reviews and earn money.
  30. Tutor others in your speciality or interests.
  31. Sell new items via Amazon arbitrage.  Raid the clearance aisles at a local WalMart oand Target and then turn items for a profit on Amazon.  Ryan Grant is just one person who has been very successful at this.
  32. Transcribe podcasts.
  33. Teach yoga online.
  34. Sell old stuff you no longer need on eBay.
  35. Fill out paid surveys via platforms like Swagbucks.
  36. Work as a virtual assistant.
  37. Be social media manager for a local business.  Help local companies establish an online presence.
  38. Work in data entry.
  39. Make money from teaching English online.
  40. Use Reddit or Facebook to build a platform for future monetization.  Join subreddits or Facebook groups in your area of expertise and comment regulalry.  By regularly posting genuinely helpful content, you'll be be building a following that will allow you to monetize the audience in the future.
  41. Start a blog.  Ghost is by far my number one recommendation.
  42. Freelance in video editing and production.  Help local businesses create conent on Instagram and Facebook that will boost their traffic and your bottom line.
  43. Create and post online makeup tutorials on YouTube.
  44. Test products & write reviews.
  45. Online shopping assistant.
  46. Create how-to videos on YouTube.  This is a great way to build a following that you can monetize in the future.  From "how to fix your refridgeraor fan" to "how to teach your child to tie shoes", you'll be the hero that millions need.
  47. Teach and tutor students in a foreign language.
  48. Make & sell creative items on Etsy.
  49. Consulting in your own personal name.   Build your brand and move online by staking your
  50. Invest spare cash via Robinhood
  51. Coach others in their own 2nd career via your own experience.  By searching and reading this post, you're taking a step in the direction that millions of people want to but don't quite have the courage to do so...yet.   Put to use your teaching and encouragement skills and get paid to be a friend.
  52. Freelancing in handy work via TaskRabbit.
  53. Invest spare change via Acorns
  54. Fitness coaching online
  55. Sell your photos for stock images
  56. Freelance as a website builder.  Even using easy platforms like Wix will make you seem like a genius to tech-illiterate local busines owners in need of your skills.
  57. Establish a following by writing reviews of top selling self-help books.  Be the CliffNotes that others never knew they needed.  Read and arbsorb the top current authors, and write summaries of the book's key points for a $5/month suscription.  Use Ghost's turnkey platform for this.

Getting Started Makes All The Difference

The internet is the new frontier for opportunity.  There are a lot of ways to make money online and these 57 ideas will help light the way.  Start with one idea that resonates with your personality or skill set.  Take the first steps, review what works, and keep making consistent effort that will enable your freedom.